120+ Hotel Brands Comparison and Equivalency Table

King Deluxe Room at Conrad London St. James by Evan Didier, on Flickr

"King Deluxe Room at Conrad London St. James" (CC BY-ND 2.0) by Evan Didier

The nine largest international hotel groups currently maintain a collective total of over 120 hotel brands. Talk about overwhelming!

It can be difficult to try and make sense of all of the different hotel brands. Even if you are loyal to one hotel rewards program and know all of their hotel brands inside and out, you can still become pretty lost when you’re trying to figure out which brands from competitor hotel groups match up with your favorite brands.

It’s not always clear on the hotel groups’ own websites what the differences are between the hotel group’s own brands. And they certainly don’t give you much indication of what the competitor brands are, even though it could help you put an unknown brand into context. [...]  read more