Obtaining Elite Status with Credit Cards

American Express Platinum Card by Evan Didier, on Flickr

"American Express Platinum Card" (CC BY-ND 2.0) by Evan Didier

Many co-branded credit cards offer elite status in various frequent flyer and rewards programs for airline, hotel, rail, and rental car travel providers. Sometimes, card holders receive elite status simply for being a card member…this is especially true for co-branded hotel credit cards. In other instances, spending on the co-branded credit card get you elite credit/nights/miles in a given program at specified thresholds or ratios.

For travelers who want to experience the benefits that elite status has to offer, but who do not travel enough, or split up their travel too much, to earn elite status “the hard way,” co-branded credit credit cards can be a cost-effective way of obtaining elite status without having to put in the miles or nights. [...]  read more